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08.04.2005 UPdate






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Summer Reading Challenge centering on Jesus

Read the Gospel of John twice


"The Cross-Centered Life

By August 14th



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thequest family,


I hope that you are holding tight to the Gospel today.  It is the great news...Jesus lived a perfect life, died on the cross to pay the penalty for sin and rose again to defeat sin and death.  What GOOD NEWS!


All week I have been taking a class with Jerry Bridges.  He is an amazing man.  He has served the Navigators ministry for more than 50 years and has authored many books.


He has been talking all week about centering on the Gospel.  He's well learned, but he is bringing us all back to the basics.   Here's one of the many verses he shared with us...


For God made Christ, who never sinned, to be the offering for our sin, so that we could be made right with God through Christ. 2 Cor 5:21 NLT


I don't want you to just blow by this verse.  Jesus was perfect.  Because of that Jesus was the only and the perfect offering for our sin.  God had His justice to pour out on sin.  Jesus took it  Jesus carried it.  At the close of that horrible Friday about 2000 years ago, Jesus said," It is finished."


Why did Jesus do this?  Well his first and foremost reason wasn't for you and me.  It was to please His Father.  The cross wasn't Jesus' idea.  It was the only way to pay for the sin of the human race.  So, Jesus endured the cross. 


In pleasing the Father--and suffering the cross--there are HUGE benefits for us.  The only way we could/can be made right with God is through Jesus' sacrifice on the cross.  EVERYTHING hinges on that.  It is the central thing.  We have no hope without it.  With it we have eternal life!


I am blown away again by the love of Jesus.  The love for His Father and His love for me a sinner.  And guess what...His love for you...a sinner...that should blow you away.  Scroll up and read that verse again and think on it.  Be thankful for it.


I hope as you are reading our summer challenge,

Summer Reading Challenge centering on Jesus

Read the Gospel of John twice


"The Cross-Centered Life

By August 14th

that God is using these tools--the biblical story and the book to draw you into deep gratitude and love for Jesus.  We are getting down to the last week or so of the challenge.  I trust you will complete the challenge. It is worth it!


thankful for Jesus,  



P.S. if you want more, here's an interview with Jerry Bridges




Sundays at 10:30am @ the Library in 2nd Ave School, 68 E. Second Ave.


New Series on the Spoils of Jesus' Victory  (a description here)


Aug 7     What does it mean to be born again?  // Mike Jentes


Aug 14   It's a Legal Thing // Larry Totzke


Aug 21   Growing in Holiness // Larry Totzke


Want the notes from the last few sessions?   

     Click on the title for a copy of the notes as a PDF (Acrobat Reader)


July 31  Grace that is greater than all our sin  // Larry Totzke 


July 17  How do I respond in Conflict?   (we did the linked resource) // Mike Jentes


July 10  What does the Bible say about Conflict Resolution? Part 1a & 1b  // Mike Jentes


July 3   What does the Bible say about Communion? (answers) or (blanks) // Mike Jentes






Cross Centered Life Assembly

Sunday, August 14th


2nd Ave. Elementary School 

68 E. 2nd Ave  Map



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Light Bulb Give-A-Way & Office Move

Sunday, August 7th

Meet at 2nd Ave. Elementary School  (68 E. 2nd Ave  Map)

Bring $5 per person for pizza

RSVP to Mike so we can have enough pizza


After the INSTITUTE (approx 11:45am) we'll have some pizza and head off to either Give A Way Light Bulbs to a new part of the community or help move thequest office to our new location in a suite at the intersection of Goodale and N. 4th St.  Lot's of opportunities to serve! 


Plasters of Paris Commissioned

Our friends Rob and Nichole Plaster were commissioned back to Paris last night by Grace Brethren International Missions and our family of churches.  It was a sweet sending!

Check out what they say this week in their latest email Aug 4, July 25 July 18  and July 13 



Hello from the Kipps

Greetings to thequest family from Adam and Cara.  Adam has been taking a class at Equip05 and Cara was around Columbus for a few days.  They are doing well in Dallas...Adam will be back at Dallas Seminary and Cara teaching school by the end of the month.


Our sympathies extended to the Lipp family

We extend our deepest sympathy to Joey & Shanna Lipp who had a memorial service for their son-Alastair Lipp. We pray comfort and peace for them and their families.



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A dynamite  video of CJ Mahaney about "The Cross-Centered Life 

Jesus is the centerpiece of history (Check this out).


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Unpacking Post-Modernism- by Kary Oberbrunner from Relevant Magazine


Conversations not Conversions by Ed Waken. An article that empowers ordinary folks to jump into the great joy of evangelism. (From Kurt Miller's newsletter > Essential Evangelists )


At DRIVEN we had a Prayer can sorta experience it online here:


Leadership in Organic Church Planting Movements- sponsored by CMA Resources 

Mike Jentes took some notes and posted them here (PDF)


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