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Short North House Church

Sunday Night at 6pm

Connect with Tony for more details





Mt. Pleasant House Church

Thursday Night at 6pm

Just south of 2nd Ave.

Call Mike for more details (314.6350) or email him at


17th Avenue House Church

Tuesday Night at 8:00pm

On E. 17th Ave

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po box 8188

columbus, ohio 43201





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A Christian prisoner in Cuba was asked to sign a statement containing charges against fellow Christians that would lead to their arrest. 


He said: "The chain keeps me from signing this." 


The Communist officer protested, "But you are not in chains!"


"I am" said the Christian. "I am bound by the chain of witnesses who throughout the centuries gave their lives for Jesus Christ. 

I am a link in this chain. 

I will not break it."


from Jesus Freaks

by dcTalk and Voice of the Martyrs (Bethany House: 1999) p. 49.


thequest family,


Shall we gather at the river?  Yep...and we did. What a beautiful place and beautiful spiritual expression of faith by Patricia, Chris and Scott.  They were baptized* on Sunday in the river running through downtown Columbus.


These three made a memory and a mark...that they would follow Jesus the rest of their lives.  If you want to see more pics, I have posted them on our blog >> Click here.  This Sunday in the INSTITUTE we are going to look at what the Bible says about baptism.


I also posted some overdue pics of the Parisian Cafe that we hosted with Rob and Nichole there on the blog . week kicks off DRIVEN.  Pray for the 14 of us from thequest who will be there.  Maybe you haven't registered but want to come check it out.  Details for Day Rates are online at .


Press On,


*Maybe you are wondering what the Bible says about Baptism.  We have a some Bible studies that we have put together which deals with this issue.  You can check out the links below (all PDF)

Baptism    What the Bible Says About Baptism

Baptism-one page   the same as above but it can be printed on one page front & back


Baptism-nine NT ways  in the New Testament there are nine different ways in which the word baptize or baptism is talked about.  this outlines and describes them



Sundays at 10:30am @ the Library in 2nd Ave School, 68 E. Second Ave.


June 12   What does the Bible say about Baptism? // Mike Jentes


June 19   What does the Bible say about Communion? // Mike Jentes


Want the notes from the last few weeks?   Click on the title for a copy of the notes as a PDF (Acrobat Reader)


May 1    What is Jesus doing Now?  Part 1 // Mike Jentes


May 9    What is Jesus doing Now?  Part 2 // Mike Jentes


May 15  Jesus with Skin--a practical look at the Incarnation


May 22  Solitude Sunday // Mike Jentes





Celebration of thequest and Commissioning of John and Kate Ward

Sunday, June 26th @ 9:30 & 11am

East Side Grace Brethren Church

We'll join our mother church for Sunday service...and then go out to lunch afterwards!!



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Congrats to our Graduates for completing their Task!

Korey Jentes- Kindergarten Graduation at 2nd Avenue Elementary

Mike Gillespie- Thomas Worthington High School

Scott Beall- The Ohio State University

Joshua Jackson- The Ohio State University

Zach Roberts- The Ohio State University





Genesis to Jesus 

Discovering the story of Jesus from the Beginning

Sundays @ 6pm

Seven Sessions

Meeting on Third Avenue

Register at 906-6214 or

It's not too late to join this study





Plasters still on the move

Well we have been in the States for over a month and have driven over 4000 miles across Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. We have had wonderful times... more here



Update from Ron and Chery Boehm

Just got the most recent report from our missionaries:

I didnít think it was supposed to snow in April, but this year we had two big snowstorms... more



Latest Email from Tom and Doris Julien

Here is a brief update for you who are a part of our ministry team. Next month Doris and I will be leaving for France... more




ORGANIC Church Planters GREENHOUSE Gathering

Friday & Saturday, June 10-11

Our sixth monthly gathering. Friday night at the Caldwell's and Saturday at the Godman Guild from 9am-1pm.    Contact Mike for more info:




June 15-18, 2005

@ Kenyon College

gathering a generation to become

catalysts for Christ within church and culture 


DRIVEN is a conference for young adults designed to call and equip a generation to grab onto their God-given purpose and mission. The 19-29 years have been branded the "Lost Decade" time and time again. We know they are not spiritually disengaged, but maybe just disillusioned. DRIVEN is gathering a generation to become catalysts for Christ within church and culture. 


Check out the website and register >>

See the promo mailer by clicking here





Do you need rooms painted in your home?  We do that.


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Chef Barna's State of the Church: 2005



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Essential Evangelists  Check out the new GBNAM site as well

Radiant Singleness--Leslie Ludy

"Krissy is not just content in her singleness...she is radiant in her singleness. Not that she is just tickled pink about being single. But she sees this season of her life as nothing less than a precious gift from God...." 


How's Your Swing? --by Leonard Sweet



More on Ten2b>> Have you caught it?  an article from John White in House2House Magazine


Also check a past email for more:  04.20.2005 email


Leadership in Organic Church Planting Movements- sponsored by CMA Resources 

Mike Jentes took some notes and posted them here (PDF)



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